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Q: I would like to order/buy a Prince ´Cloud´ guitar. How much are they, and how do I order one?
A: The Prince ´Cloud´ guitars (and the ´Symbol´ guitar, as well) are made under an exclusive agreement with Prince and Paisley Park, and are only available through Prince´s website and at his live shows. We do not offer them in any form anywhere else, and, per our agreement, will not use any of their features in the construction of other guitars!
Q: Can I order a guitar/bass directly from Schecter?
A: We do not do any direct sales, all of our guitars/basses must be purchased through an authorized Schecter dealer. Any authorized dealer can order any of our models for you. A complete list of authorized dealers is available on our website click on Find A Dealer.
Q: I would like to buy a Diamond Series guitar, but would like to change some features and customize it. How much would it cost?
A: We do not customize our Diamond Series guitars in any way; they are only available with the existing specifications, including (but not limited to) color options, inlay, and hardware. Our Schecter Custom Shop can build just about any style guitar or bass you can imagine. Examples can be viewed on our website. Delivery time on a custom made Schecter is 8 months.
Q: Where are Schecter guitars and basses made?
A: Our Diamond Series guitars and basses are manufactured in South Korea(unless otherwise specified on the guitar), and 100% set up in the USA, in our Burbank, CA facility. Our Custom Shop guitars and basses are 100% handmade here in Burbank.
Q: I would like to order a Custom Shop guitar/bass. What is the best way to do this?
A: Please visit our Custom Shop web site´s Products section, and click on ´Custom Order Form´. Here, you can ´build´ your dream guitar/bass and email or fax us the specifications. We will email or fax back a list price and ETA (usually about 6 months). Ultimately, you must order through an authorized Schecter dealer; by filling out an order form first, you can walk into your local dealer with most of the information you need. Please note that our Custom Shop instruments are HANDMADE to order.
They take a little longer, but they are worth the wait!
Q: What are DUNCAN DESIGN humbuckers?
A: Duncan Design pickups are manufactured by an outside factory to the exact specifications and manufacturing methods of Seymour Duncan. Unlike some ´import´ pickups, the DUNCAN DESIGN pickups use Alnico magnets (for warmth & tone) and are 4-conductor, which means that ANY Diamond Series guitar can have an ´after-market´ mini toggle or push-pull pot added for ´splitting´ the humbucker for a cleaner, single-coil tone. Note: If this is done by a qualified repair technician, it will NOT void your warranty!
As far as the sound, let your ears decide, but the models we use are 95% identical to the JB and ´59 !
Q: What brand & gauge strings are used on the Diamond Series?
A: All Diamond Series electric guitars come factory installed with GHS Boomers. 10/13/17/26/36/46(56).
Our 7-String guitars electrics use a .056 as the low ´B´. Please see our special strings (link) for A-5X , C-5X, SCORPION and SCORPION BASS gauges and specs.
Extended Scale guitars: We use GHS Boomers gauges 13,17,28w,38,48,62.
Hellcat VI: Setup with SIT Power Steel stainless gauges 25,35,45,55,75,95.
These strings, as well as several 7-String sets, are available from your authorized Schecter dealer. If you cannot find them, contact us!
Four strings: We install Elixer Nanoweb four string Med XLong scale sets which are .045, .065, .085, and .105. (#14087)
Five strings: We install Elixer Nanoweb five string Med XLong scale sets which are .045, .065, .085, .105, and .130TW.(Taper Wound) (#14304) Q: How can I date my old (pre ´89) Schecter guitar?
A: Due to Schecter´s beginnings as a ´replacement part´ company, there are many bootlegged Schecter guitars on the market. The company is now and has been owned by a new owner since 1989 (when the company was moved back to California from Dallas, Texas). These guitars can be dated by serial number. We would be happy to attempt to date your instrument, but you will need to mail photos and a description to us. Please make sure to photograph the headstock (front & back) and the neck plate. No guarantee, but we will try!
Q: I did not receive a warranty card or manual with my new Schecter guitar. How do I get these? Can I register my guitar online?
A: All the information for each of our guitars and basses (including schematics) is listed on our website. We send a warranty card out with every instrument, but it doesn´t always get to you, the end-user; this is why we stopped sending out manuals! As long as you retain your original sales receipt with the purchase date and serial number on it, you are covered by our Limited Lifetime Warranty. We do not offer online registration, as a means of protecting our customers.
Q: Is Schecter Guitar affiliated with ESP guitars??
A: F*ck No!